Basket Buddies is a basketball development program which was founded in 2020 by Frans Boitumelo Leshalabe. Basket Buddies was developed to offer a unique psycho-social basketball program to pre-primary, primary and high school learners.

Basketball has been proven to have many physical and psychological benefits, such as muscular endurance, improved balance and co-ordination, movement skills; as well as self-confidence, improved stress management, better communication skills and an improved capacity for team work.

Basket Buddies aims to provide a structured but fun basketball program which will not only develop and encourage optimal physical development, but also incorporate valuable life skills such as emotional intelligence (EQ), leadership and collaboration skills.

Meet the

Frans Boitumelo Leshalabe (Founder)​

Frans is a Level 1 BSA accredited basketball coach and former professional basketball player for the Soweto Panthers Basketball Club. Over the years, Frans has been a national basketball coach for the Love Life program, served as the Monash South Africa division 1 Head Coach and the Midrand Heat Basketball Club Head Coach. In 2017 Frans founded the Juggl’Ex Basketball Development Program and has coached various teams as well as managed several programs.


The Basket Buddies program is structured in such a way as to support holistic development. While the main focus is on basketball skill development, it has been proven to be beneficial to incorporate other elements of development, focusing on social and psycho-emotional skills.

  • School program
  • Saturday and Holiday program
  • Life Skills and Psycho-Emotional holistic program
  • Basketball camps and clinics

Basket Buddies runs a school extra-mural program for Grade 4-7, where our trained coaches go into schools and run lessons on a weekly basis. Sessions are one-hour long, and include an element of debriefing and life skills development. Through small classes, professionally trained coaches and individualised guidance, players will be taught the fundamental skills they need to not only develop and improve their basketball ability; but ensure that they are meeting physical milestones as well. Basket Buddies also gets involved in school leagues.

On Saturdays and during the school holidays our coaches run the development program in Midrand and Centurion for all ages. This program focuses on physical skills development (body movement, shooting and rebounding, offence and defence drills, strength and conditioning, left-right hand dominance and free throws). Because this is not specific to schools, players are able to interact with one another and build their social and team work skills. One-on-one sessions are also available and the Basket Buddies team often takes part in games with other development programs and teams.

Underlying the physical program is an essential life skills and psycho-emotional program holistic program which focuses on the other skills which are important for sports emotional intelligence. This entails understanding how emotional intelligence helps players in sports, communication, collaboration, leadership and conflict resolution. Basket Buddies believes that building on a range of skills, holistically, contributes to optimum performance on the court.

To provide ongoing support and development to both players and coaches, Basket Buddies also offers basketball camps and clinics – focusing on skill enhancement. These clinics are also run to support players who may not necessarily be enrolled in a school or Saturday/Holiday program, but would still like to refresh or upskill themselves.

*Note: If you are from a school please send an email to info@basketbuddies.co.za for the school extra-mural registration form


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